An interdisciplinary spectacle based on music by a Croatian electroaccoustic composer Frano Durović, to which several artists, dancers and performers from Wrocław have contributed. The visual aspect of the project was created by Bartek Szlachcic, mix and postproduction by Kostas Georgakopulos, and choreography by Dawid Lorenc.

Bartek Szlachcic and Dawid Lorenc, two young artists, have been invited to participate. As far as the musical aspect goes, there has been made a large scale interference in the sound and construction of Frano Durović’s composition. Now it is an entirely new piece, also in it’s choreographic and performative aspects.
An enormous work was carried out by Bartek Szlachcic. The visual aspect, created entirely by him, has been based on already prepared photographs and various generative visual forms written in specialy prepared software environment. In the spectacle 4 screens, 4 projectors and kinect sensor have been used. These formal and artistic treatments plus the contribution of 8 dancers intensify the atmosphere and build an extraverbal albeit very substantive narration based on an eerie and psychedelic message.

composition: Frano Durovic, mixed by Kostas Georgakopulos
visual director: Bartek Szlachcic
visual preparation: Joanna Jackowska, Anna Mika, Bartek Szlachcic
choreography director: Dawid Lorenc

choreography: Marta Dunajko, Maria Fekecz, Dawid Lorenc, Aleksandra Osowicz, Dorota Radwańska, Katarzyna Stasiak, Tomáš Wortner
choreographic cooperation: Karolina Brzęk, Natalia Gabrielczyk, Magda Górnicka, Kasia Kamecka, Jan Nykiel, Magda Wodyńska

costumes: Katarzyna Stasiak
make-up: Ewa Lorenc

sound postproduction: Kostas Georgakopulos, Bartek Szlachcic
accoustics: Kamil Biedrzycki
visual documentation: Ruben Crespo, Bartek Szlachcic

Premiere: 2014’s Avant Art Festival in Audiovisual Technology Center in Wrocław.