Beyond Words

What if you created a world where weakness is the ultimate courage?

A universe where you don’t have to be strong, omniscient and efficient. Where moments of weakness, tears and doubts are accepted. Where the unforced closeness of another person builds lasting and solid foundations for interpersonal relationships.

Beyond Words is a meditation on finding vulnerability and tenderness in the brutal world of male archetypes. The artists will tell a story based on their experiences of masculinity, rejecting the patriarchal world of toxic masculinity and clichés built by society.

We make no theses. We’re not making a manifesto. Questions will remain unanswered. The unknown will triumphantly enter the stage and will tell a story of impotence and sentiment.

Premiere: June 19, 2022 Poland

Directed by: Maria Kapała

Choreography: team

Dance: Wojciech Furman, Andromeda Gervasio, Danny Kearns, Matisse Ciel Pages, Tomáš Wortner

Music: Karolina Głogowska and Agnieszka Kocińska

Production: Pracownia Wyobraźni Foundation


Co-organizer: Communal Cultural Center in Przygodzice
Organized with the support of: Circle of Country Housewives Dębnica, Circle of Country Housewives Ludwików, Dębnica Village, Ludwików Village
Co-financed by: Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, National Institute of Music and Dance, Marshal’s Office of the Wielkopolska Region, Przygodzice Commune

Co-financed by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, Poland as part of the „Dance“ program implemented by the National Institute of Music and Dance

Foto: Dariusz Gackowski