Meeting Point

‘Meeting Point’ centers on the search for connection; on several layers, how we  can connect to ourselves in an embodied way and the connection with feeling and  empathy towards another.

We examine the need and lack of touch in our culture,  specifically between men, and in a non-romantic and non martial sense. How men  are expected to behave in each other’s company and whilst seen by others. Breaking the stereotypes that men can neither express feelings, allow vulnerability and  be playful and soft with each other.

‘Meeting Point ‘is a physical dance but it is also  analogous to a walk through the forest between two friends who discuss with honesty what they battle with and wish for. They assist each other in unlocking a door  to the subconscious, dissolving away obstacles that block a certain transparency  which allows for a revelation of what is usually kept private.

The performance is an improvised yet structured score. Beginning with solo dancing, physical connection to the body and listening to the space. They then meet  through contact, sharing weight in a dialogue of trust, support and risk.

As the tuning develops, patterns arise, gestures are repeated and challenges set. All is done  with an aim in mind, to go towards an unknown territory. Digging towards a source  material, an inner world which they assist each other in reaching and sharing.

Once  there, entering embodied speech. ‘What do you see?’ they ask one another. Opening to an inner landscape. One speaks and the other guards him, not allowing him the comfort of speaking from his mind, words have to emerge from the body. It can’t be too witty – it’s a non-intellectual thing. They swap roles of Shaman and devotee – supporting and provoking each other. A non-linear story unfolds – speaking from a particular perspective of childhood, fantasies/imaginations, hopes and fears; often becomes about an animal, which, like in Greek theatre, acts as a kind of mask through which you speak about yourself. Transparently revealing the unknown within themselves.

This is directed outwards for the audience, that is the craft, to take the subtlety and fragility and make an offering. We believe by the specificity and personal nature of the practice, that it is very accessible for the audience to connect to themselves too.

Concept, choreography: Danny Kearns, Tomáš Wortner

Dance:  Tomáš Wortner, Danny Kearns

Music: Kėkė Søl

Performed: 17. September 2022 Sofia, Bulgaria, 22. October 2022 Prague, Czechia and 12. March 2023, Berlin, Germany

Foto: Jiří Zuzánek, Kėkė Søl